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The 6 Vital Steps For Cleaning Artificial Grass

The 6 Vital Steps For Cleaning Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is extremely hardy, and it needs to be, as it takes quite the beating too – what with months of the glaring sun, chilling frost and pouring rain – it doesn’t fail to impress us with its stable coverage and luxurious all-year-round colour. That said, although artificial turf is well-known for being extremely low-maintenance, there are things you can do to ensure your artificial lawn’s longevity. By following our simple how-to clean artificial grass steps, you will be well on your way to being a guest star in the Good Housekeeping magazine. 

A step-by-step process of cleaning artificial grass:
Firstly, you’ll want to know what equipment you need, as it’s not like you’ll need a mower, trimmers, seeds or fertilizer – which leads us to:

How to clean artificial grass – what you’ll need


  • A soft-headed brush 
  • Garden rake
  • Garden hose
  • Leaf blower (for expansive areas)
  • Artificial Grass Cleaner
  • or water & cleaning vinegar solution


  1. Remove loose leaves and dirt
    When cleaning artificial grass it’s good to start with lifting the loose debris that’s lying on top. Even if you don’t have many overhanging trees in the garden, chances are the wind has carried it onto your artificial lawn, so removing the immediate litter is a good place to start before delving into a deep clean.

    Using a soft-headed brush sweep the entire lawn gently, in one direction, from one end to the other. Remove litter with a dustpan and brush or shovel and place in your garden bin. When sweeping be extremely careful not to get the brush’s bristles tangled up in the blades of grass and to keep the system below firmly intact.

  2. Apply artificial grass cleaner or a self-mixed solution
    With a better scent than a self-mixed solution of half water and half cleaning vinegar, artificial grass cleaner can kill bacteria and keep your lawn smelling fresh. Before use, hose down the lawn (this will remove bits that sweeping missed). Read artificial grass cleaner and apply on particularly stained or dirty spots and brush through.
  3. Rinse lawn after applying cleaner
    Whether or not you’ve chosen to spot clean your artificial lawn with the artificial grass cleaner or vinegar and water solution, remember to rinse thoroughly with the garden hose. Doing this will lift and remove the cleaner and dirt left in the areas you have spot cleaned.
  4. Brush your artificial lawn
    After the full cleaning process is complete, brush your lawn gently to keep the blades of grass looking uniform. Pay particular attention to locations that have been flattened from garden furnishings.
  5. Prevent weeds in your artificial grass lawn
    For any wayward weeds that may catch your eye, gently pry them from the ground by the base. For any stubborn areas where weeds are coming through, spray a gentle weed killer on this area to get rid of them. Leave the gentle weed killing solution for the suggested time on the back of the bottle and follow up with a rinse and a brush. Typically, with Easigrass products you won’t need to worry about weeds when you opt for a weed prevention membrane.
  6. Get rid of moss from artificial lawns
    Moss is a real pain, so to get rid of this from your artificial lawn, you will want to use your power washer to lift and remove the moss. Afterwards, brush it down, dispose of the debris and finish with a final rinse.



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