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Why Should I Hire a Fencing Contractor?

Why Should I Hire a Fencing Contractor?

Spring is starting to feel that it’s not that far away and we’re all looking forward to getting out into our gardens and getting them back into shape. Many parts of our gardens can suffer from the rigours of winter weather, and that’s as true for fencing as much as anything else.

Whether your fencing was already starting to show its age and winter has just helped it on its way, or whether it’s been damaged beyond repair by a winter storm, if your fence is in need of replacement it’s better to sort it out sooner rather than later.

Fencing is such an important part of our gardens – it marks our boundaries and protects our borders, it provides extra privacy and security, and when done well it can improve the overall aesthetics of a garden as well. 

When it comes to installing new fencing, some people will be tempted to do it themselves and, while it may look like a good way to save money, there are a lot of risks involved. So this month, the team at Home View Landscapes is going to explore why it’s better to get the experts in to install new fencing.

Guaranteed workmanship

No matter how good you think you are, fence installation is not an easy job. Many enthusiastic amateurs can do an adequate job, but will it look as good as it could and should? And can you be sure that it will continue looking good for years to come, with a decent chance of surviving next year’s winter storms?

Getting in a professional contractor will not only mean that you’re far more likely to get garden fencing that looks as good as you hoped it would, but that it is also going to last a good while. Reputable installers will not only provide some kind of guarantee of their work, but it will also be for their own benefit to do a good job. That’s because, like many traders today, professional installers’ rely on good reviews and good word-of-mouth to get more business.

Less time spent, less stress

Professionals who earn a living installing fencing can do it far quicker than someone doing it only once every few years. Yes, you’re paying for their time, and we all know that labour costs can often outweigh material costs, but you’ll be saving an awful lot of your own time – and in today’s busy world your own time can be worth even more.

And you won’t just be saving yourself some valuable time – you’ll almost certainly be saving yourself considerable stress into the bargain. All-in-all, a real win-win scenario!

Better materials at better prices

Whether you get in the professionals or install your own fencing, you’ll have to pay for the materials, such as the fencing itself and fencing posts. Meanwhile, there’s no escaping the fact that traders can pretty much always get their materials cheaper than the rest of us, as they’ll be buying the same goods from the same suppliers on a regular basis. They’ll also know which materials are good quality, so that you can be confident that you’re getting value for money.

So while you may be paying extra for your installers’ labour, you’ll be getting some of that back in cheaper and higher-quality materials.

Customised solutions and experienced troubleshooting

Very few fencing projects are entirely straightforward or go ahead without any kind of hitch. Unexpected issues can crop up anytime that might need a creative or immediate solution. If you’re doing the job yourself, you may need to stop and seek advice or information that might not be easy to find. That in turn could cause a significant delay, or in some cases lead someone to give up altogether. 

An experienced and professional installer, like those at Home View Landscapes, will have come across every problem and hitch that the job can throw up, probably many times. That means that they’re likely to have an instant solution that they know will work. That kind of experience and know-how can be invaluable! 

Here at Home View Landscapes, we’ve been providing fencing supplies and installation services to customers in and around Ascot, Wokingham and Maidenhead for years. We also carry out a full range of other landscaping gardening services, including decking, driveways, patios, paving and artificial grass. 

Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.


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