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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Driveway

Top Tips for Cleaning Your Driveway

Driveways aren’t just a place for parking your car overnight, or a means for getting it from a public road to your garage. They’re also one of the most visible parts of your home to the outside world, and if you care what others think about you, or you take pride in keeping a presentable home, you’ll be wanting to keep it in as good a condition as possible.

Meanwhile, it’s also worth remembering that a well-maintained driveway is likely to last a lot longer than one that’s left to cope with the rigours of the British weather and day-to-day wear and tear on its own.

With all that in mind, the team at Home View Landscapes is this month going to be taking a close look at some top tips for cleaning your driveway.

Driveway with plants along the side

Sweep regularly

The simplest way to keep your driveway clean is to regularly sweep it with a good stiff broom. Not only will that remove general dirt and muck before it gets ground in too much by regular foot and tyre traffic, but it could also get into the cracks between paving blocks (if you have them) to remove the things that find their way down there. 

It’s particularly worth finding the time to sweep your driveway when the leaves start to fall in autumn, because once the rain gets on them they’ll quickly start to rot. Not only will that make your drive dirty, but it could also be slippery when wet and represent a potential hazard, especially if your drive is on a slope. 

If you can sweep your driveway regularly, it should only take a few minutes (depending on the size of your driveway, of course!), but could save you hours of much greater effort in the long run.

Water, broom & soapy water

For more stubborn stains, or if it’s been a while since you last cleaned your driveway, you may need to get on your hands and knees with some detergent and a stiff brush. Washing-up liquid should be fine, but there are plenty of other things you could use – just make sure you don’t use an acid-based cleaner, as it could affect the colour of the drive and you really wouldn’t want it getting into any soil you might have nearby.

Just scrub the detergent into the surface, leave for a while to do its work, and then wash with clean water.

Jet washing

Jet washing is a great way of blasting away much of the regular muck that can ruin the appearance of your driveway – and it’s a lot less effort than many of our other suggestions! Just be careful when using it, as the jet of water is very powerful and can easily damage things in the area if poorly aimed or used carelessly, so make sure you don’t point it at delicate plants or fragile ornaments.

Get between the cracks

We’ve already mentioned that a stiff broom might clear out some of the things that get between cracks, but sometimes you might need to give them a bit more attention, especially if you’re getting weeds growing through the gaps.

On the subject of cracks, if you develop new ones, try to seal them as quickly as possible, because they’ll only get worse if weeds gain a foothold.

Clean up spills as soon as possible

Keeping your drive clean may be particularly tricky if one member of your family likes to do things like car maintenance there occasionally, with the inevitable oily stains that follow such activities.

If you do get oil and grease spills on your driveway, it’s going to be far easier to remove them if you do it as soon after it happens as possible. If it’s still wet, throw some kind of absorbent material onto it to soak up as much as possible – cat litter and sawdust are good choices. Leave for a while and then just sweep it up to leave your driveway looking back to its best.


Here at Home View Landscapes, we’re experts at maintaining, cleaning and laying new driveways and have scores of happy customers in and around Ascot, Wokingham, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas. 

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