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How to Make My Driveway Look More Appealing

How to Make My Driveway Look More Appealing

Fed up with your driveway looking unfinished? We’ve got you covered! Find out how to make your driveway look more appealing with just a few tips and tricks from the professionals at Home View Landscapes.

Pressure wash your driveway

Pressure washing drive

The most affordable way to give your driveway a facelift is to pressure wash it. Old driveways can look brand new after a hose down as it will lift stains, mildew, mould, moss, dirt and wash away weeds too! Pressure washing takes a lot less time than scrubbing your driveway and gives you great results, fast.

Repair broken pavers or bricks and fill cracks

It’s natural for the surface of a driveway to break down over time but leaving it with missing, broken or cracked pavers/bricks can exacerbate the problem. So to prevent your front garden from looking neglected, replace missing or broken pavers or bricks and fill in cracks with cement or sealant to protect your driveway.

Tidy up borders or create driveway borders

If you have existing borders, wash, repair and cut back any overgrown grass and pull out any weeds. If you haven’t any borders and would like to add them to smarten up the aesthetics of your driveway, start thinking about what type of borders you’d like and how you’d divide up your space. 

Stain concrete driveways

Staining your concrete driveway is an economical and quick way to revamp the appearance of your home’s exterior. Staining concrete driveways provides a long-lasting colour that does not flake away or peel off It’s also very versatile as there are countless designs to choose from and it’s a super cost-effective choice that’ll help to save the pennies. Before staining a concrete driveway, you’ll need to clean it so it is free from oils and coatings, and cracks must be filled to ensure the optimal application.

Install a new driveway

If you have a driveway that’s lost all hope of springing back then it’s likely easier to upgrade your existing driveway with a brand new one. There are plenty of options to choose from, including:

Plant flower beds or install a lawn

Adding multicoloured plant beds or a small green lawn is a lovely way to embellish an industrial-looking driveway. Flowers and lawns soften the edges and can really make a big difference, allowing your driveway to be both practical and pretty – this helps to neaten the front of your home and draw the eye.

For those that do not want to spend lots of time maintaining their front gardens, consider artificial grass! It’s much easier to look after than a real lawn and will remain patch-free, weed-free and hassle-free. With artificial lawns, your driveway will always look perfect as there’s no need to mow, seed or fertilise – it’ll look lush all year round.

If you do choose flowers, choose perennials, as they bloom for more than a couple of years in a row – saving you time and effort. However, if you’re already green-fingered then annuals will enable you to change up the colours each year, as their lifecycle is shorter. Be mindful of biennials, these types of flowers take two years to grow and blossom, which means your lovely new borders will look bare for a long while. 

Install lighting

Not only is lighting practical but it can be very beautiful too! Lights will illuminate your driveway, which will be ideal in the darker months when you get home and can also be a nice touch for visitors, so they can stick to your path (and keep their shoes clean) as they make their way to your front door.

There are plenty of lighting options to choose from such as:

  • built-in paver lights
  • fairy lights
  • lamp posts
  • pagoda-style lights in the grass
  • pillar lights
  • solar lamps

Enhancing your driveway

Whether you’re on a budget or not, there are plenty of options available to ensure your driveway has the wow-factor!

If you would like assistance with sprucing up your driveway, contact Home View Landscapes for a professional touch. We use the highest quality of materials, top-of-the-range tools and have years of experience within the industry to ensure that you’re left with your dream driveway. 


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