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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden Decking

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden Decking

Decking continues to be one of the more popular additions to our gardens – and after being forced to spend large parts of the last two years at home, and therefore have even more time to think about its advantages, if anything it’s more popular now than ever. 

Decking on its own is nice enough, but there’s so much more you can do to truly get the best out of it, so this month the team at Home View Landscapes is taking a look at some garden decking ideas that could help you to make the most of your garden decking.

Wooden seating in a circle with a fire pit

1. Blend it in with the interior and/or exterior of your house

Poorly designed decking looks like you’ve just thrown a few bits of wood together; well-designed and built decking, on the other hand, looks like it really belongs there. Whether you’re looking at it from the back of the garden and it matches the exterior of your home, or whether you’re stepping out onto it and are barely noticing the transition from indoors to outdoors, good decking should feel like a part of your home – and not apart from it.

2. Eat out to help out

Most people with decking will enjoy sitting out on it, while many will also allow enough seating to make it a good place to entertain guests. But there’s nothing better than a meal enjoyed in the open air and your decking is the ideal location for alfresco dining, whether that’s just the two of you enjoying a romantic meal on a warm summer’s evening, a family feast or a gathering of friends.

3. The Deck Inn on your decking

Once you’ve settled down to enjoy a pleasant evening on the decking, it would be a shame to have to keep heading back in every time someone wanted their wine topped up. And how much more convivial would a social evening with your friends be if you had your very own bar to serve their drinks from? For the party animal and social host with the most, a personal bar on some smart decking is the ultimate in garden features.

4. Heat things up with a fire pit

Decking’s great for sitting out on of an evening, but usually – even during the summer – there comes a point when it starts to get a bit too chilly to stay out. Add a fire pit to your decking area, and you can quickly rustle up some warmth that will allow you to stay out for as long as you want.

5. Cover up with an awning or a glazed pergola

You can’t legislate for the weather – even the warmest of evenings isn’t necessarily immune from the dangers of a sudden shower. Add an awning, especially an electric awning that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, and you’ll be able to carry on enjoying the great outdoors no matter what the weather’s doing.

Alternatively, for a more stylish solution, how about constructing a pergola above your decking and fitting it with a glazed roof? That way you not only get an outside space for all weathers, but if you get the design right (as touched on in our first point!), it could feel even more like an extension of your indoor living space.

Here at Home View Landscapes, we’re experts at designing and building decking that takes your enjoyment of your garden to another level. We have the knowledge and experience to provide imaginative and creative decking ideas for small gardens and large spaces alike, so whatever the size of your garden, you can count on us to come up with the perfect decking solution.

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